Caitlin Blackwood today announced the launch of her brand new official website The website has been sponsored and built by UK Conventions Limited, one of the leading science fiction events companies in the UK, also operating an extensive network of science fiction informational and shopping websites.

I truly am delighted to bring to life for fans around the world. Caitlin is an amazing person, with a great story to tell and she is still only thirteen years old! Hopefully with the launch of her new website, Caitlin will be able to communicate even more with her amazing fan base who I know she adores. Robert Dyer, Managing Director of UK Conventions Limited

Caitlin is also keen to point out that this is just the start of other things yet to come, as she has big plans for the new website - many of which will allow her fans to play an active role as the site goes forward.

Please help spread the word about by sharing this article with friends and family. Caitlin also would like to thank UK Conventions Limited for the hard work and dedication that has allowed this website to become a reality, and asks all of her fans to support UK Conventions by following them on Facebook and Twitter.