Caitlin Blackwood has joined the cast of Cops and Monsters, a Scottish Web Series based in an alternative future where Scotland is now independent and creatures of the night have revealed themselves to the world. Caitlin will play the character of "Young Alexis", a mysterious werewolf who has ties with the P.I.T.S (Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland) team. Initially we will see Alexis as young, sweet and protective... but what will happen to her when her life takes a turn for the worse?

Cops and Monsters is a 6-part series with 20 minute episodes written by Fraser Coull, Amanda Kane and Ian Smith. Set in an alternative Scotland 5 years from now, the country voted YES for independence but didn't count on vampires, werewolves and zombies emerging from the shadows, all asking to be a part of everyday society. After a massive riot where many were injured and killed, the Prime Minister met with the representatives of the vampires and the werewolves to discuss a treaty that suited all parties. As part of the arrangement a special division had to be created within the team in order to police both sides. And so the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland is born!

Caitlin will appear in episode 5 of series 1, written by Amanda Kane. For more information on Cops and Monsters, you can visit the official website at